What Is Baby Wearing?

Why Parents Should Think About Baby Wearing

The first days after your baby is born are often filled with the most joyful moments that you will ever experience. However, no matter how euphoric you soon have to readjust to real life situations.

Although you would like nothing more than to 嬰兒手推車 keep your newborn near and close to you, life just isn’t going to let that happen.Throughout time, mothers have had to come up with a way to keep their babies close while completing daily activities and chores.

The most common method of baby wearing was often achieved using some type of fabric to securely attach the baby to his or her parent. Baby wearing is the modern-day term for this type of parenting and this technique is becoming increasingly popular.

Pediatricians have agreed with claims from parents who are advocates of baby wearing that the use of baby carriers leads to calmer babies that cry less, and is beneficial to emotional well-being and social development of the child. Wearing your baby close to you helps to increase the bond between you and your baby.

This is especially useful and helpful for dads. Along with being a great way to create a bond between parent and child, baby wearing is very helpful when you need to have your child with you and also have your hands free.

Using a baby carrier is a good idea when an alternative to a stroller is needed. Baby wearing is a better option when working around the house, navigating through crowded areas, hiking, walking or running simple errands.

Choosing The Best Baby Carrier

Ideally, you want to find a baby carrier that you can count on and use daily until your baby is 2 or 3 years old. Up until recently, this has been difficult because a baby carrier that is specifically designed for a newborn will not be adequate as your baby grows. The same can be said for baby carriers that work well with larger babies. They are perfect for the one or two-year old, but just aren’t right for a newborn.

Baby Wearing for Infants 0 – 4 months

One of the most recognizable names in baby wearing is BabyBjorn and their BabyBjorn Original is perhaps the best baby carrier for newborns. This product gets our highest recommendation and is ideal for babies in the infant (8 pounds) to four-month range.

It is a very user-friendly carrier that is well made and comfortable for you and your baby. The only downside associated with the BabyBjorn Original is that it can only be used in the front carrying position.

This is great for newborns, but as your baby grows and becomes heavier this carrier becomes uncomfortable and extended use could lead to shoulder, neck and back pain. Once your child weighs around 20-25 pounds, a back carrying position is more comfortable.

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